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Don’t blame me, blame the “Aries” in me for not being able to sit quiet. I was traveling in the train a couple of days ago and realized my I needed a break from the code I’ve been writing since a week because I was getting addicted to that code.

So, I started writing this new script that automatically generates an image with the latest loans at http://kiva.org using Kiva’s public API. This image can be attached in email signatures and the image is updated every time you make new loans and therefore, if you saw this image after making a loan, the new loan would appear here.



You could get your version of this image too. Just replace “{LENDER-ID}” with your lender ID and “{MESSAGE}” with the message you would like to add to the signature ( my above image has “I share at kiva.org” ).

Copy the code from the below textbox:

Ping me at aswin at aswinteja d0t com for more questions or suggestions.

Also, new loans can take up to an hour to update. This is because I am storing the image in the memcache once generated to make it faster and to avoid toomany pings to the Kiva API. The TTL ( Time to Live ) of this is 1 hour.




Disclaimer: All copyrights of all images in the generated image are held by kiva.org and I only pull them from the public API. Any violation of any TOS or anything else is entirely on me. But, all goodness is Kiva’s.



About the Author: Aswin Teja

I'm a geek who's fascinated by code, technology and computer games. Currently working as a Software Engineer at Kiva.org, I'm often found coding on a variety of different stuff and playing computer games. When I'm not being a geek, I'm also a nature lover who loves hiking in the wild, a social animal kidding with friends, a motorcyclist on the roads, a sportsman just desperate to play any sport that involves running around and having fun ( call cricket, dodgeball, badminton, volleyball or anything at all ).

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